Transition report pursuant to Rule 13a-10 or 15d-10

Business Risk and Liquidity

Business Risk and Liquidity
10 Months Ended
Aug. 31, 2014
Business Risk and Liquidity [Text Block]

Business Risk and Liquidity

The Company is subject to several categories of risk associated with its operating activities. Natural gas and oil exploration and production is a speculative business and involves a high degree of risk. Among the factors that have a direct bearing on the Company’s financial information are uncertainties inherent in estimating natural gas and oil reserves, future hydrocarbon production and cash flows, particularly with respect to wells that have not been fully tested and with wells having limited production histories; access and cost of services and equipment; and the presence of competitors with greater financial resources and capacity.

The production and sale of medical marijuana is an emerging industry in which business practices are not yet standardized and are subject to frequent scrutiny and evaluation by federal, state, provincial, and municipal authorities, academics, and media outlets, among others, Although we intend to develop our business in accordance with best ethical practices, we may suffer negative publicity if we, our partners, contractors, or customers are found to have engaged in any environmentally, insensitive practices or other business practices that are viewed as unethical.

Our operations may require licenses and permits from various governmental authorities to build and install alternative energy systems or to conduct energy retrofits and build MMJ operations. We believe that we will be able to obtain all necessary licenses and permits under applicable laws and regulations for our operations and believe we will be able to comply in all material respects with the terms of such licenses and permits. However, such licenses and permits are subject to change in various circumstances. There can be no guarantee that we will be able to obtain or maintain all necessary licenses and permits.